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Our Organization

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Our organization’s mission is to gather scientific data from severe weather events by utilizing a fleet of specially equipped vehicles, modified and proven to withstand hurricane force winds, large hail, and extreme temperatures. Operated by specialists, positioned exactly where and when events are occurring via the deployment of a wide range of technology, purpose built to gather a seamless, comprehensive stream of information.

How we Began

Tracing origins back to 2004, the Cyclone Research Group began as an on-site video service to local media groups from the most intense location within a hurricane during landfall. While the service was not in any way a first of it’s kind, it rapidly gained recognition in 2005 as a source for real time wind and situation reports that were utilized by various emergency managers and first responders, giving them a greater ability to allocate resources where they were needed the most. After the 2005 hurricane season, the video service ceased operations and the Cyclone Research Group re-incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization.

Today our endowment provides funding for operational bases throughout North America, covering a variety of severe weather events. The information from our platforms is still utilized by numerous entities, both public and private, for research and to coordinate operations based in part on our platforms deployed in some of the most adverse conditions.

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